About Brittney

Brittney Wenham is an American abstract painter living and working in Glasgow, Scotland.  At the center of her work is a passion for process, discovery, and instinct.  Her art is concerned with the perception and recollection of feelings -- notably the sensory -- with an approach suffused in intuition, responsiveness and the preoccupation for color, texture and composition.  

Her acute sensitivity to color is in part gleaned from synesthesia; deep-rooted pain stemming from her struggles with disease provokes the recognition of these sensations as colors.  Wenham is interested in unearthing this duality -- beautiful and yet agonizing -- in her compositions, striking a balance between peace and chaos, pleasure and pain. She is adherent to art’s faculty to transform pain into beauty, which in her case occurs by means of color perception, paint application, and pigment pools as metaphor for flowing bodies of water.

Wenham is interested in the connection between the inner and outer landscape, particularly as it applies to the exploration of the environments she inhabits -- within her own body, in the natural world, or in the city.  Nature is an enduring source of inspiration; the colors, the textures, the sheer quality of the air become permanently ingrained in memory, desperate to be intuited, a visual vocabulary by which deeply personal environments are formed. 

Curriculum Vitae


Fine Art Certificate in Painting, The Art Academy London


MA Conservation of Fine Art: Works of Art on Paper, Northumbria University


BA Art History with minors in Studio Art & Chemistry, Florida State University

Selected Group Exhibitions


UNFRAMED: Paper as a Medium, R. K. Burt Gallery, London, UK


Superintendent’s Advanced Placement Studio Art Exhibition, Ft. Lauderdale Museum of Art, Florida