Art & Endometriosis: Painting Through the Pain

Art & Endometriosis: Painting Through the Pain

I wrote an essay about my experience with endometriosis and how I use art to combat it. It’s incredibly personal, and perhaps not the happiest introduction to my little corner of the internet, but if you’re interested I hope you’ll give it a read. Endometriosis has changed the way I live my life, but art has shaped how I perceive it. Rather than pity, I hope that reading it will enlist a sense of the strength art imbues and will demonstrate how it can be used as a tool for managing illness.

Hello & Welcome


This space - the website, the blog (or journal, as I refer to it here) - has been a long time in the making. Journalling and sketchbooking are integral to my process, and I wanted to create a more virtual place to express my thoughts and feelings relating to art.

For me, painting and writing are congruent; each are meditative, each take time. They both provide a place to express thoughts, unfinished or fully realized. The two work as one to define form and understanding within the sphere of abstraction.

Sharing publicly has never been a comfortable thing for me (aside from my Live Journal, many many years ago). I created my Instagram account nearly ten years ago and it lay untouched for a majority of that time. I only started sharing my work relatively recently, and the support has been quite overwhelming.

I’m unsure of the direction in which this journal will grow, and that is what makes it so exciting. It takes the same form as my paintings - always moving, always exploring. A place to be raw and real and discover little moments of controlled chaos. Somewhere for me to archive my journey, and to share it with whomever is interested.